Sapphire - 5.25 carats

Sapphire - 5.25 carats
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Origin:    Umba Valley Tanzania
Gem Source:    Natural

Pear shape, 1.58ct, Color Brown to pink, Size 8.35x5.72x3.75 mm
Round shape, 1.68ct, Color Brown to pink, Size 6.95x4.00 mm
Round shape, 1.00ct, Color Brown to pink, Size 5.45x3.50 mm
Round shape, 0.99ct, Color Blue to green, Size 6.15x6.00x2.80 mm

Treatments:    None
Clarity:    Visible inclusions
Pieces:    4 pieces
Delivery Time:    3 days
Shipping charges:     Free
Courier:    EMS/ UPS/ FEDEX / DHL
Payment Terms:    T/T, Worldremit, Moneygram, Western Union

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